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D1: ACT Awareness Building Tools (PDF)

D2: Implementation of the Evaluation Engine (PDF)

D3: Incremental Assessment Report and Final Evaluation Report (PDF)

  • Annex A: Final Evaluation report
  • Annex B: WP4: Incremental Assessment Report
  • Annex C: WP5 - Top indicators for risk assessment and stratification
  • Annex D: WP5: Analysis of predictive modelling tools currently used in the ACT regions
  • Annex E: WP6: Staff Engagement landscaping exercise
  • Annex F: WP3, WP5, WP7: Comparison of Two Programs
  • Annex G: WP4: Follow-up survey preliminary analysis: Programme Managers surveys
  • Annex H: WP6: Staff Engagement landscaping exercise: frontline practitioner survey
  • Annex I: WP6: Patient adherence patient survey
  • Annex J: Program Management Surveys
  • Annex K: Staff Engagement Surveys for Program Managers
  • Annex L: Front Line Staff Surveys
  • Annex M: Patient Surveys
  • Annex N: Patient Focus Groups

D4: Project Interim and Final Technical Implementation and Financial Report (internal report)

D5: ACT Cook Book (PDF)

D6: Care Coordination & TeleHealth Organisation and Workflow Structure Report (PDF)

  • Annex A: Programme Manager Baseline Survey for regional data collection
  • Annex B: Follow-up survey of Programme managers
  • Annex C: Domains and indicators selection for WP4
  • Annex D: Incremental Assessment Report based on the Programme Manager Baseline Surveys

D7: Patient Stratification Report (PDF)

  • Annex A: Description of the 5 ACT regions
  • Annex B: Opimec survey
  • Annex C: Description of collaborations
  • Annex D: Literature review outcomes
  • Annex E: Indicators for health risk assessment

D8: Staff Engagement and Training Report (PDF)

  • Annex A: Staff engagement domains and indicators
  • Annex B: Baseline staff engagement survey (Programme managers)
  • Annex C: Frontline staff survey
  • Annex D: Survey data tables

D9: Improving Care Provider Efficacy & Efficiency Report (PDF)

D10: Improving Patient Adherence, Empowerment and Compliance Report (PDF)