Affiliate Members

The ACT programme is open and willing to share our ambition and results. If you, as a European Healthcare regions, are interested in our activities and results we would like to welcome you as an affiliate member of the programme. For further information, please contact the project coordinator.

Why might you want to be an ACT programme affiliate member?

Engagement as observer in the ACT programme would enable your healthcare region to:

  • Access to programme results and participation in project meetings
  • Learn from the others' good practice and experiences
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration leading to efficiently (re-) design and validate innovative care services and expand the services to larger population - with the same level of investment
  • Enlarge your visibility at international level
  • Enable local industry to see a larger market, beyond the 'local border'
  • Engage political/industrial support

Engagement as evaluation site in the ACT programme would enable, in addition, your healthcare region to:

  • Access to the ACT evaluation engine and fully participate in the evaluation process and good practice selection
  • Get evidence and benchmarking of your solution under the review of key international experts
  • Combine evidence with all the evaluation sites

Currently registered Affiliate Members

  • Netherlands: Foundation Zorg Binnen Bereik (ZBB). Amersfort Region
  • Sweden: Center of Technology in Medicine and Health (CTMH). Stockholm Region
  • Spain: Basque healthcare technology provider, Galician Region, Valencia-La Fe Region
  • Germany: Technical University of Dresden (TUD). Saxony Region, Brandenburg
  • Uniked Kingdom: Northern Ireland Nation, Nottinghamshire/Nottingham city Region, Liverpool Region
  • Singapore: Eastern Health Alliance