Intermediate Outcomes

Frontline Staff Survey Indicators

Organisation section
  • 1.2) My importance within the organisation has been raised because of this Programme.
  • 1.5) The organisation has changed for the better as a result of the programme.
  • 1.6) The organisation wishes all appropriate clinical services to include TH and/or CC.
  • 1.8) Everyone recognises that the approach of this programme will bring long-term benefits.
  • 1.9) Everyone recognises that the approach of this programme is the future direction for the organisation.
  • 1.12) TH/CC is an important aspect of future initiatives to improve care delivery.
Employee section
  • 2.4) I believe patients are benefiting from this telehealth/coordinated care programme.
  • 2.9) I believe that the approach to CC/TH used in the programme is now part of ‘normal’ practice.
  • 2.11) My involvement in the implementation of this programme has positively changed my views on TH and/or CC.
Patient section
  • 3.1) This programme encourages patients to follow their health care routines.
  • 3.2) TH/CC in general improves patient adherence.
  • 3.7) The patients I see follow (adhere to) their treatment plans.
  • 3.10) The patients I see benefit from being on the programme.

Patient Adherence Survey

  • 6) I have been well informed about the primary goals of the program.
  • 8) I believe that participation in the program will positively affect my health.
  • 9) Participation in the program has stabilised or improved my health.
  • 10) I believe that taking part in the programme improves the level of care I receive.
  • 15) Patients assess their own health behavior according to recommendations of the health care provider.